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The Best Business Month So Far

If you are an entrepreneur or are thinking about becoming a small business owner, youre going to want to read this. Ive been a little remiss to post anything because I really want to offer you something you can actually use, not just a Hey, look at this project I just did. Many of you dont really know what I am doing now or what the past 19 years involved. This post is an introduction to a new series I will be doing that will not only share some images Ive created that have helped enhance my clients businesses but more importantly, I will take you on a journey with me through the experiences I have had and some of the things Ive learned as I continue to grow my business.

You dont arrive at success by traveling a nicely paved road with people waving, smiling, and throwing confetti as you pass them by. Its a road filled with potholes, tight curves, delays, hills that hinder your sight, and a host of obstacles (and joyful moments) before you start to approach something that resembles success. Many people that may seem successful only share with you the great times and end results of their hard work. They often leave out the struggles, problems, and things that frankly, by experiencing them, are what ultimately will make you stronger, smarter, and able to reach your goals.

Ive always been a creative visual communicator since before I was in Kindergarten. I started Impressia in 1997 designing very unique visual resumes to help job seekers stand out in an amazing way. Over the years, I added various graphic design related services and about 13 years ago, photography became part of the mix. This has been a fairly successful side business while I was working full-time jobs. Not only has it allowed me to grow my talent and ability while working with many different clients, but I have been able to purchase the necessary equipment, furnish my home office and grow my bank account. People would often ask me if I would do this full time if I could. I always responded emphatically Yes … and thats where it stopped. I never took any steps to make that a reality. In January of 2015, I was laid off. I experienced what 100s of thousands of people have and will experience. Emotions run the gamut—anger, fear, uncertainty, and the security of a regular paycheck and a benefits package are all gone. The choice before me was to re-join the workforce with the perceived safety of a regular job or give it all Ive got to finally make a living working for myself. I chose the latter, and in spite of some of the difficult challenges, I am positive I made the right decision.

2016 has taught me more about operating and growing my business than the previous 18 years combined. Why, because I have invested the time and research necessary to create a viable strategy to reach my goals. Hoping versus doing, persistence, and communication are just a few of the topics I will cover. As we put the stamp on August 2016, Id like to invite you to follow this exciting series and learn some of the things that have brought me to where I am today and maybe you can use some of them to start or grow your business.

 If you wait to do everything until youre sure its right, youll probably never do much of anything.  Win Borden

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